Detailed iMovie Editing for IG Videos// Step-By-Step (iPhone Only)



Learn detailed steps to easily create Instagram makeup tutorials! These are the exact steps BeatsByDeb uses for all of her videos. She shares tips and hacks she has learned over the years, while she edits a full tutorial with you! Make sure you follow along, and try to create your tutorial along with the video! The video will expire after three downloads, so please watch carefully. 



-52 Minutes Long

-Voiceover (occasional notes added)

-Step-By-Step Instructions

-Adding Music (to not get copyrighted)

-Slo-Mo Video Edits (secret to slo-motion ending to her videos)

-Centering Video for Instagram Format

-Smooth Transitions

-Provide EMAIL at checkout to see link, or download and ready to watch available right after purchased

-BE READY TO WATCH AS SOON AS PURCHASED(limited to 3 views/downloads)

-Maximum Download of 3 (will only let you download class 3 times meaning only viewing 3times)

-Available for Phones with iMovie App